These are the steps to create and deploy ecological momentary assessments within a study. It assumes you have already created a project on Survos and have logged into it.

Create Survey Questions

Create New Survey Using the Survey Designer

Start off with one of our surveys, or create your own. Our designer makes it easy for you to quickly put together some questions, choose the variable names for the collected data, define a list of valid answers for multiple choice questions, even define conditional skip patterns for ignoring questions based on a previous value.

Configure Deployment

Decide how you'd like to deploy your survey -- Text Message (SMS), Interactive Voice Response (IVR) or with our Survos Mobile app. Then set deployment-specific configuration options and defaults, like the start date, the survey prompting schedule (random or fixed), or if the participant can self-initiate.

Add Participants

The Participant Manager allows users to be enrolled in multiple studies, simplifying some of the aspects of managing email and phone number. Simply add a new user to your project, then that user can be enrolled in one or more studies (this can all be done in one step). Most settings, such as start date, survey frequency and waking hours, can be customized for each participant.

Collect and Download Data

The survey will automatically begin on the start date designated for the study, and appropriate participants will begin receiving their survey prompts. Collected data is immediately available, so you can begin doing your analysis. Various reporting tools are available, or download your data as an Excel spreadsheet or as CSV files.